English Teaching and Learning: New Literacies, New Horizons
Convention program

Convention Program*

July 14th - Saturday

9:00 Late registrations
9:15 Commercial Presentation - Cengage Learning - What National Geographic can do for your classroom by Jair Félix
9:30 Plenária Clarissa Jordão (UFPR)
10:30 Commercial Presentation - World Study
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Round 1 - Workshops
  Bruce Ingraham Reading For Critical Thinking
  Reiner Vinicius Perozzo

Ubiratã Kickhöfel Alves
Focus on Prosody: Teaching Connected Speech and Rhythm Communicatively Adjoining Room 1
  Robertson Frizero Barros
Tatiana Cibele Mendonça Pereira
Do-It-Yourself Drama Club Adjoining Room 2
  Giana Targanski Steffen
Martha Júlia Martins de Souza
Multimodal literacy in the EFL classroom Salão de Atos 2
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Jack Scholes - Disal - Good Readers Make Good Learners!
14:30 Commercial Presentation - Disal - Enough “enrolation” and “gesticulation”! Brazilians need to learn English! by Jack Scholes
14:45 Plenária Walkyria MonteMór (USP)
16:15 Coffee Break
16:45 Commercial Presentation - Cambridge
17:00 Round Table 1 - Literacies in Additional Language Learning - Walkyria Montemór (USP) e Clarissa Jordão (UFPR)
18:00 Plenária Susan Sileci - Oxford - Today's Kids, Tomorrow's Citizens
18:45 UFCSPA Choir
19:00 Cocktail

July 15th - Sunday


Round Table 2 - Literacy Development in Reading - Alessandra Baldo (UFPEL) e Adriana Rossa (PUC) - Discussant: Adriana Karnal (Unisinos)
Round Table 3 - Literature - Adriane Veras (UFCSPA) e Jaque Bohn Donada (ITF) - Discussant: Cláudio Zanini (UNISINOS)

Young Learners Forum
10:00 Commercial Presentation - Macmillan
10:15 Commercial Presentation - Pearson
10.30 Coffee break
10:45 Round 2 - Workshops
  Victória Mendonça Theater as a resource to learn English Adjoining Room 1
  Norah Dietrich

Débora Jarosk
Teaching and overcoming limitations Plenarinho
  Allan Fontoura Figueiredo Non-standard English: Teaching the Language through famous movies Salão de Atos 2
  Juliana Laroca

André Barradas
Grouping Techniques Adjoining Room 2
12:15 Lunch Break
13:30 Papers & Demonstrations
  Thomas Pereira Rossatto The Metaphor in the area of International Relations Paper Adjoining Room 1
  Martha Júlia Martins de Souza Students of a certain age: an investigation on beliefs in language learning at IFSC- Continente - Paper Adjoining Room 1

Elisa Marchioro Stumpf

Giovani Forgiarini Aiub

Natalia Borges Polesso
New literacy, old practices? Reading instruction and the teacher's role - Paper Adjoining Room 1
  João Renê Pereira Hass The Cultural Legacy of English as a Global Language - Paper Plenarinho

Ana Elisa Bocorny

Cristiane Krause Kilian

The creation of reading activities with the use of specialized corpora


Adjoining Room 2
  UFCSPA Speech Therapy Students Workshop da Voz Demonstration Plenarinho
  Ana Paula Seixas Vial

Jonathan Zotti da Silva

Goulart da Silva
Preparando os alunos para as questões de Inglês do Enem Demonstration Adjoining Room 2
  Marcus Ferreira da Silva Materials Development for English Language Classrooms in Public Schools - Paper Salão de Atos 2

Ana Luiza Freitas

Paula Cortezi

The Work of Being a Girl - gender categorization in the macro educational setting - Paper Plenarinho
  Michele Schwertner Web 2.0 Tools: New Possibilities for Teaching and Learning Demonstration Salão de Atos 2
15:00 Commercial Presentation - CCLI
15:15 Round 3 - Workshops

Cristina Gibk

Rodrigo Vanni da Silva

The purposeful use of technology in English language teaching and digital (il)literacy Plenarinho
  Paola Guimaraens Salimen Written tasks: from task planning to assessment Adjoining Room 1
  Vivian Magalhães Turning ordinary texts into interesting reading activities Adjoining Room 2
  Susan Holden - Macmillan English here and now: English in the World Cup era Salão de Atos 2
16:45 Commercial Presentation - Oxford
17:00 Coffee Break
17:15 Commercial Presentation - SBS Franchising
17:30 Susan Holden - Macmillan - The Buzz Word Is... Applicability
18:30 Closing Ceremony

* Changes may be made without previous notice.

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